First of all i personally don't like Voodoo. Every time i hear...

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First of all i personally don't like Voodoo.

Every time i hear some stories about how people or infants get killed by magic it makes me thrilled.Yet i don't mind to see the abolition of that vampire or " loupgarou " sorcery style in Haiti.

It really make people run from you as soon they hear you are from Haiti.

Their first impression is the voodoo.

Even in our backyard people are still afraid if by mistake you mention such thing.

But i don't support that form of massacre because there is no form of prove to accuse them (vodouisants) of such. They are also human and some of them are bush doctors they know what kind of leaves to treat certain sickness.

If it wasn't for some of them many Haitians could have died because of lack of funds to reach the clinic .Some of them are doing pretty good work as well as some of them are charlatans, some of them are really influenced by satanic forces.The voodoo itself is a mixture of black and white magic.

The mason lodge, the rosecrucians, the knights, the k k.k. the catholic including the pope himself are under the same umbrella.

Everybody practice it behind the curtain but i do not know who was the one to proclaim it as legal or a religion in the constitution.That is why mister Beauvoir can appeal to the government for help. I might sound bias but if Haitian are doing a clean sweep why they don't exterminate all homosexuals (man / woman) because they are doing evil as well as the vodouisants.

Ooops no one has the right to judge .The big picture is, someone or a group of people is manipulating a group of Haitian to kill those people so they can have access or freedom to walk and do as they please

I don't think is for the cholera it is something else.

Max, December 26 2010, 2:28 PM

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Topic: Voodoo Murders In Haiti - 45 Vodouisants Killed

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Garry Dstin, 26-Dec-10 10:01 am
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The Divine Prince, 26-Dec-10 10:22 am
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Miejo, 26-Dec-10 11:38 am
First of all i personally don't like Voodoo. Every time i hear some stories about how people or infants get killed by magic it makes me thrilled.Yet... read more >
Max, 26-Dec-10 2:28 pm
My Friend, Voodou has nothing to see with the cholera disease but voodou is something sensitive and well educated peoples have give up upon in... read more >
Pastor Dorcinvil Wilkesse, 26-Dec-10 7:57 pm
Why you include the Pope in your thing? Please when you have to talk about your evil don't even think of the catholic church I see who you are and... read more >
Louis, 26-Dec-10 8:34 pm
well put although i dont practice voodoo i respect the fact that it is the pure natural ways of afro-human praising God and what is wrong in... read more >
Jean Compas Vizyonlakay, 27-Dec-10 12:01 am
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Jean Compas Vizyonlakay, 27-Dec-10 12:12 am
In the end we will succed but meanwhile the devil will destroy most of our population because of our love and innocence. God will destroy the devil... read more >
Garry Dstin, 27-Dec-10 9:45 am
I am deeply sorry if my message has offended you it was not intentional but to tell you the truth since i have been invited on this site i make it... read more >
Max, 27-Dec-10 10:26 am
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