I think this needs to be investigate thoroughly before we make...

Jb - November 23 2010, 8:03 AM

I think this needs to be investigate thoroughly before we make any accusations.

Yes, Haitian have been drinking "sous" and "rivier" water for a long time and never have gotten sick from it. At the same time, Haiti has not have an earthquake in our lifetime.

Where dead people were every where, no ruining water, no toilets, etc. How do we know that this Cholera thing is not a result of that combine with the UN troops that causes it. Lets not jump to conclusion as of yet. The UN did do a lot for the country.

If it was not for the UN Haiti would probably have a civil war. There was no control in the country before the UN arrived.

Do you remember Cite Soleil among some of the places our own Police force could not get in if it was not for the UN. HAITIANS need make up their minds.

Haitians have been destroying the country for decades but yet have a very little patient.

The minute they don't see quick results then they start rallying and have coup d'etat.

I think we probably hold the record for having the most coup d'etat in the world.

Can you imagine having this election without the UN, hummmmmmmm, yeah think about it! Peace and Love!

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