At Tereses Wow, are you serious?! What an immeasurably...

Shakinmyhead - November 3 2010, 6:01 AM

at Tereses

Wow, are you serious?! What an immeasurably eventful article and that's what you try to pick from it?

His real nationality and that there's no way he could be black?

Need we remind you of countless inventions and finds by negros in this country and throughout the world.

But more importantly - The bible says To live peaceably if at all possible with all men, that doesn't seem to be the attitude in your reply..

I'm still shocked at our human race sometimes...

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DuSable was born in the Toronto area and was not even...

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Jean Baptiste DuSable, Born in St Marc Haiti, Founder of Chicago

In 1774, Jean Baptiste DuSable, a black frontierman born in Haiti, founded the City of Chicago, Illinois. In case you didn't know, Jean Baptiste...

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