Marie I agree with you more than 100% to many false god are...

Martine Civil - November 2 2010, 1:46 AM

marie I agree with you more than 100% to many false god are been worship in haiti god is proven his power in haiti not as a curse but simply to have this small nation to repent.but the media is scared to talk about that because they are affraid of retaliation from the mambo, the wougen, the si kanzo, andthe sen pwel ect. haiti it is time to wake up in live the reality of the allmighty...stop wasting your money on this unrealistic realm that is dividing haiyi and it culture I know alot about roots culture but ours are not culture it is the socery(la sorcery}many other nation practice cultural voodoo in do it for what it stand for, many years ago tribes had many gods as to the egiptian they pray the god of sun for sunshine, the god water for rain the zobel god of croaps ect but us haiyi we contrast the whole idea.

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