Why haiti is so vulnerable?Haiti is ranked the countries most...

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Why haiti is so vulnerable?Haiti is ranked the countries most at risky to climate changes impacts.

It is a country totally degrade, only 2%tree covered area.That creates condition for natural disasters to be more frequent and to have more power destruction when they happen.

We need to tackle environemntal degradation before we get through.All at once reforestation+agroforestery are enough to protect the natural environment and tackle local food insecurity issue in a short and long term prospect.

Doing so, natural disasters will be less powerful and less frequent.

Tim, November 1 2010, 3:00 PM

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Topic: ALERT! Hurricane Tomas Will Hit Haiti From Coast To Coast!

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nou pa ka fe anyen nan sa selman prie read more >
Rose, 1-Nov-10 2:07 pm
Since Jan 15th, we have been offering shelter and programs to relieve the misery in Haiti to all large organizations. We need Haitians to ask for... read more >
Chuck Mccune, 1-Nov-10 2:09 pm
mezanmi tout moun met tet ansanble pou nou priye...se sel Dye ka yon bagay pou nou read more >
Miloura, 1-Nov-10 2:47 pm
Why haiti is so vulnerable?Haiti is ranked the countries most at risky to climate changes impacts.It is a country totally degrade,only 2%tree... read more >
Tim, 1-Nov-10 3:00 pm
Well, I don't have a lot to say. I believe, it is because of all of those things we did in the past. Haiti need to change the way they are treating... read more >
Ronald, 1-Nov-10 3:28 pm
Sa se trop mezanmi ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nan yon seul annee read more >
Marc, 1-Nov-10 3:51 pm
I think the haitian people are paying for what the have done But now inncocent people for the bad people. who knows? God is the only One who knows read more >
Pat, 1-Nov-10 3:54 pm
I figure out God will restore haiti, because it has a lot of narrow minded people, that's to say, malevolents read more >
Enrique Bj, 1-Nov-10 4:01 pm
ki sa nou fe nap peye menm woodring eske apre sa yo nap ka leve kanpe anko? read more >
Mackson, 1-Nov-10 4:50 pm
we have assembled several of our buildings at the HUEH hospital in PaP which are certified hurricane and seismic rated during Sept 2010 and wish we... read more >
Wes Armstrong, 1-Nov-10 6:38 pm
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