Yes it is a viral bacteria! but my concern is.isn't a...

Martine Civil - October 23 2010, 9:10 PM

yes it is a viral bacteria! but my concern is.isn't a contaminated forge epedemic to our population?

look how it is spreading, the spread of this viral is to rapid (fast)my beleive is that the river has been tempting with some kind of chemicals to kill haitians people let us not sleep with this piece of news, let's raise our voices to a fine line where we can demand more research from the authority to find out where is this cholera from?

again very suspicious line don't let them only making a name for us such as (cholera) but shall be proven by other scientist.

if not we are in big trouble, this cholera will soon spread out trought out the country where soon their will be requesting that haitians shall be put to quarantine because we are the carrier of this cholera bacteria people don't forget what happen when we where blame for Aids up to this day our name has not yet been clear some society of the world still beleive that we as nation should be distroyed because of this pandemic.

please let us not take this matter lite before we became the world most focus nation of the world pandemie.

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