Mesie We do apologize for being offensive It was not proper...

Yo El - October 10 2010, 6:06 PM

We do apologize for being offensive It was not proper and correct for us to do so.we were blocked from posting for sometime for using profanity.

so we promise the administrator that from our end there will be no more profanity so the block was removed and we were allowed to post again.

But as I said to understand jewish scripture you need jewish sources.

The Chumash, The Tanach, Books on Maimonides and many others and also a (siddur)
Which is a jewish prayer book.the jews pray 3 times a day and the prayers are call;1st Shacharis,2nd Mincha,3rd Maariv.

The jews also have the day of judgement and 2 weeks of repentance prior to the day of judgement every year
Call Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur.

I do apologize again to you for being offensive It was not proper nor correct In offending you In that way.

And I also apologize and thank again the administrator Woodring, at
For letting us know that profanity will not be allowed.

and for restoring our chance to post and reply.

In my family we are Jews, Muslims,and christians, Rabbis,Imams, and ministers and all of us are practicioners of God's african religion like Vodou, Palo,Santeria, and Hoodoo.

May God forever bless and continue to make stronger and more powerful the religions he gave the african.

Varooom Nou deyo Were outta here.

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I do believe God is our literal Father.You said "are...

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