I dont think true smart open-minded, understanding haitians...

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I dont think true smart open-minded, understanding haitians gives a darn whether haiti is not the poorest county to make us feel better to just know its another country, as a matter of fact i believe hatians are strong enough to carry that title instead of another country because we know why the main goal of the world is de-faming haiti...they tried for over 200 years to destroy haiti and the more haiti hit them back in their face...haiti is too much for them to accept that their own white race would choose a third world country to start creating their offspring..they cant stand the fact that all of the race falls under one sharing culture, they cant stand the fact it kicks all their ass up, they cant stand the fact its not a selfish group of people, they cant stand the fact they are pride as human beings, they cant stand the fact its nauraly gorgeuos, they cant stand the fact it lays on richness, they cant stand the fact they couldnt conquer it, they cant stand the fact that haiti would be the place for the melting pot of all races, arabs, asians, whites, africans, spanish all in one lil counrty which is blackly owned...so whats the best tool to destroy something you wished and envy for self?

cant defeat them in war, so why not attack from a soft cowardly approach of false statements tactics to scared, mental destruction views to the outside world about this place because we dont want this place to be on the path is heading, it will undermine our own path of not being the best so therefore by all means destroy haiti image...haitians knows haiti history and the mosters attacks from all ends it faces because of its beauty, values, caring, sharing and human repsect dignity world-wide...Nicaragua haiti will not put that burden on as if its bad to be what some seems...funny thing is one has to be the poorest just like on ehas to be richess, so whats the big fuss about the numbers labeling which is which when all can not fall under the poorest or the richess...

people grow up and open your eyes to gods light..

haiti made too much contribution to the world in all aspect..

celebrities in films, sport, arts, author, dance, music, politics, image, food, fashion, etc etc and supporting europe for decades...


Lansky-nef, August 2 2010, 1:24 PM

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Topic: The poorest Country in the Western Hemisphere is Nicaragua, not Haiti

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I dont think true smart open-minded, understanding haitians gives a darn whether haiti is not the poorest county to make us feel better to just know... read more >
Lansky-nef, 2-Aug-10 1:24 pm
SORRY!! but Haiti is the poorest country, in the wetern hemisphere. I been in both countrys in the month of july 2010, and what I saw by far Haiti... read more >
Mike Johnson, 10-Sep-10 6:39 pm
Wow! I must say you have no idea of you'd post here. My native country is Honduras and Nicaragua is very much a rich country. They have good... read more >
Herch, 5-Nov-10 12:52 pm
Dear Redlaw, You were so correct when you wrote this, and now the earthquake made everything so much worse again! May God move both Nicarauguans and... read more >
Brian Sitterley, 5-Jan-11 9:39 pm
Every country have bad thing happen but haiti just happen to be on TV more then them, because of haiti's story. First black that open the dor for... read more >
Richelle, 30-Jan-11 7:14 pm
i wish i coul help 662-453-1111 read more >
Diamoniquia Brown, 21-Feb-11 11:44 am
Haiti is still a poor country so whats the big deal. It's still underdeveloped and maybe at number 2 know. Spread the message you got to be kidding... read more >
4mal, 25-Jul-11 3:10 pm
Is Nicaragua and Somalia in front of Haiti? If so why? Please answer my question. read more >
Harold Fleurine, 18-Oct-12 1:25 am
Haiti is also The Theatre for this man's Accomplishments... Keep You heads up Be proud.. read below... Toussaint Louverture: History's Unsung Hero... read more >
Jean Jacques S Alexis, 25-Oct-12 1:36 am
Does it really matter? Is there that much of a difference between being the poorest and the 2nd or 3rd poorest in the hemisphere? How does this so... read more >
James P, 14-Nov-12 10:21 pm
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