Poukisa pa. Wyclef ka prezidan a, pou sove idantite moun ki...

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Poukisa pa. Wyclef ka prezidan a, pou sove idantite moun ki ayisyen.d

N.joseph, July 29 2010, 2:42 PM

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Topic: Does Wyclef Jean Really Want To Be Haiti's Next President?

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Moi je pense que c'est histoire est du pure poisson d'Avril. read more >
Damebochie, 29-Jul-10 9:13 am
The whole thing about dual citizenship is a farce. The DR allows it's Diaspora to vote - that's one big reason they are so far ahead of Haiti... read more >
Anthony, 29-Jul-10 9:41 am
You are right, but me personaly i don't have anything against Wyclef and his proposal, may be he change his previous idea because he find out and... read more >
Tomy, 29-Jul-10 12:00 pm
Dual citizenship is not an issue in Haiti. Numerous Haitians have maintained their Haitian status and reside in Haiti. They travel yearly for work... read more >
Marabou, 29-Jul-10 1:41 pm
Poukisa pa.Wyclef ka prezidan a,pou sove idantite moun ki ayisyen.d read more >
N.joseph, 29-Jul-10 2:42 pm
Wyclef can run all he wants, but he speaks Haitian (kreyol) very bad. I wish him God speed, let's hope he is got something spoecial to offer us... read more >
T Lagwe, 29-Jul-10 5:01 pm
well sevre jenes la besoin yon jeun president. men mwen panse Clef te ka ede peyi a yon lot fason. antouka si se istwa david la bondye vle ki rive... read more >
Wislet, 29-Jul-10 5:05 pm
because of his experience leaving over seas Haiti has better chance to become a better country all over I don,t beleive anybody without overseas... read more >
Robert Louissaint, 29-Jul-10 8:09 pm
Wyclef Jean would better serve Haiti as a singer. He does not have to be President to help Haiti. I like Wyclef Jean as a singer but he is not... read more >
Guy Comeau, 29-Jul-10 11:51 pm
like i said before clef,need to continue helping haiti,president no.charles henry baker,4 president an ba haiti oun chance vote charles h. baker... read more >
Yakubu Louis, 30-Jul-10 8:20 am
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