Does Wyclef Jean Really Want To Be Haiti's Next President?

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Topic: Does Wyclef Jean Really Want To Be Haiti's Next President?

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like i said before clef,need to continue helping haiti,president no.charles henry baker,4 president an ba haiti oun chance vote charles h. baker... read more >
Yakubu Louis, 30-Jul-10 8:20 am
ti bway la bezwen presidan ayiti men ki nivo l e li vle represante ayiti ki lang li pale li pa pale kreyol ni franse nan ki lan li pral fe diskou l... read more >
Pierre Ricardo, 30-Jul-10 6:05 pm
Haiti, where amazing happens. Anyone can be a president. Look at our current president, he doesnt even have a dream.he doesnt know what called be a... read more >
Stephane, 31-Jul-10 8:06 am
ak wyclef jean,yon lot haiti posib......... read more >
Aimable Jude, 31-Jul-10 11:56 am
Mwen ta renmen clef president men mwen konnen travay la pafasil brother si ou gen kouraj pou poze kandida pou prezidan se paske ou gen yon vizyon... read more >
Thomas Franck, 3-Aug-10 12:29 pm
We thank Sean Penn for his help in Haiti but at the same time we ask him to short his mouth in the Haitian's politic. Wyclef is Haitian he has the... read more >
Amos Delisnor, 8-Aug-10 2:14 pm
We are leaving in a totally different world than that of or ancestors Toussaint Louverture, Jean Jacques Dessalines, Christophe, Petion and the... read more >
Guy Comeau, 9-Aug-10 10:43 pm
Get yourself an education before you think about being president of Haiti.Otherwise you are making a fool of yourself and a serious embarrassment... read more >
Gabriel Duvali, 29-Aug-10 4:35 am
Rene Prevail might be homeless but he does not have a homeless mind like Wyclef Jean. read more >
Marximillien Duret, 29-Aug-10 4:55 am
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