People from Haiti.

Carmen Amparo Quinones - July 17 2010, 12:18 PM

Haitians and Cubans are like a family.

I remember since was a little girl (I am over 50 years old)
seeing haitian people in my
hometown and they were dear for us.
We use to live in the same neighborhood, does not matter
they were of dark skin, not racism had place in my country
like here in the U.S.A

My mother has good memories too when was a girl and haitianS
were working in my grandfather's bakery.

Haitians are nice and do not deserve to suffer in the way
they are suffering.

I am a fan from haitians musicians such as the Widmaier brothers
who are icons in the music there in Haiti.

Group "Zekle/Joel Widmaier" as vocalist too, and the Mushy's jazz.
They have a lot of good music which are my delight and have become a
biggg fan from them.

Regards from Miami, Florida.

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