Haiti Photos: Terrier Rouge Haiti

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Topic: Haiti Photos: Terrier Rouge Haiti

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wowwwwwwwwwwww a la bel photo papa....this is the beautiful side of Haiti that they are hiding form the internet read more >
Ericka, 11-Jul-10 2:18 pm
this is the moment for haiti change. this moment for haiti have tourist, good hotel for evey body can caming to enjoy. read more >
Gedeon, 11-Jul-10 5:50 pm
WHO IS HIDING IT FROM THE INTERNET, AND WHAT ARE WE DOING HIDING IT TOO?? I bet some o us deny ourselves as Haitian when we are elsewhere, i work in... read more >
Tomy, 12-Jul-10 10:29 am
ummm, have u ever Google Haiti?, all u see is nasty pics of Haiti, we eat mud, and we do voodoo.....y dnt u go on google and tell me wat information... read more >
Ericka, 12-Jul-10 7:39 pm
The author, Lucien BONNET, from Montr read more >
Lucien Bonnet, 13-Jul-10 3:52 pm
Clef,bagay yo pap fasil,Manman m gen chans gade TV a laj de 59 an,le li vini o zeta zini,sa map mande-ou limye,rout,dlo,sel sa nou bezwen pou nou... read more >
Louis, 26-Jul-10 12:57 pm


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