Out of all people Dick Cheney. Do we as Haitians have any...

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Out of all people Dick Cheney.

Do we as Haitians have any respect for ourselves?

Gigi, July 8 2010, 3:23 PM

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Topic: Halliburton, Dick Cheney, And The Reconstruction In Haiti

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we been to hell because of those people I hope he ready to get blame but I hope for my country sake he don't no crap downthere we been through... read more >
Kettely Dimanche, 30-Jun-10 4:27 pm
I am not surprised! This is what happen when you have no leadership to start with. When you have an entire population which doesn't care about where... read more >
Damebochie, 30-Jun-10 6:07 pm
Hello dear, I am so glad that these days most of the Haitians are concerned about Haiti's situation. I encourage you to keep reading and writing... read more >
Gauthier Saintilus, 30-Jun-10 9:54 pm
DEAR SIR/MADAM, SUBJECT :WE ARE INTERESTED TO SUPPLY MANPOWER REGULARLY TO WORK IN HAITI!! We would like to introduce ourself our company establish... read more >
Ashok Kumar, 1-Jul-10 12:32 am
HALLIBURTON-POUR LA RECONSTRUCTION-YES-OK-nos elites l'ont dient avant halliburton que haiti regorges de petrole et bien d'autres richesses ce que... read more >
Boniface Zebo Correspt De, 1-Jul-10 6:43 am
Now, for sure I believed indeed that haiti has oil. why halliburton? I thought we were poor. Where are those who wanted to give the haitian people a... read more >
David, 1-Jul-10 7:35 pm
You have nailed it right. lots of people are complaining about things done wrong by others in Haiti; but I don't see any of them flipped their... read more >
Marcy Paul, 3-Jul-10 6:37 pm
I couldn't agree more! read more >
Damebochie, 3-Jul-10 11:15 pm
Hi guys, I guess I'm not going to be popular here but the truth shall come out to protect our country, even if it is a challenging situation. I... read more >
Jean Robert, 6-Jul-10 10:28 am
Out of all people Dick Cheney. Do we as Haitians have any respect for ourselves? read more >
Gigi, 8-Jul-10 3:23 pm
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