This is a very good article. Well put!

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This is a very good article.

Well put!

Jacques L, July 1 2010, 11:50 AM

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Topic: Haiti After The Earthquake, The Middle Class Is The New Poor

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This is a very good article. Well put! read more >
Jacques L, 1-Jul-10 11:50 am
This middle class is suffering so much and very few pay attention to them. There will be another mass brain drain in Haiti if we the people and the... read more >
Hadassah, 1-Jul-10 12:56 pm
The evil earthquake left us with almost nothing,but luckily we still have life so let's stand together and start over. God bless HAITI. read more >
George, 1-Jul-10 8:24 pm
This article is very deep. It brings tears in the eyes. But I believe that my people will rise again with the help of God.let's all make it happen. read more >
Mathilde S., 1-Jul-10 8:37 pm
The bible says the innocents will pay for the guilties, and we need revival in Haiti. The bible also stated that two workers will be in the field... read more >
Josy, 4-Jul-10 12:33 am
thank you! at least someone knows the truth read more >
Jenny, 4-Jul-10 3:23 pm


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