Hello dear, I am so glad that these days most of the Haitians...

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Hello dear,

I am so glad that these days most of the Haitians are concerned about Haiti's situation.

I encourage you to keep reading and writing articles regarding our country.

The question is that what should we do to prevent this occupation?

Well, I determined to do my best to keep our freedom and maintain our Natiohal Sovereignty! Last month I sent a letter and an email to Former President Bill Clinton.

He did not reply to me yet. I don't care about whatever his decision or intension might be in the reconstruction of haiti.

One thing I know for sure, in 2011 a new government with a new ledership will be in place to restore the country! Neither voodoo priest, nor Foreigners will take charge of Haiti, but God Almighty!

We should not be surprised to know that Mr. Halliburtons, Dick Cheny and others invade Haiti to usurpate our National Ressources.Tey took this opportunity because we don't have a leader! But, onse we stand together with our appointed leader as one nation, we shall overcome! I invite you to join with me with your political ideologies so that we could make a difference.

This year 2010, it is a year of transition, but the year
of 2011 will be the year of restoration! Keep the hope alive! Don't give up, keep the hope alive! We shall overcome!

Gauthier Saintilus

Gauthier Saintilus, June 30 2010, 9:54 PM

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Topic: Halliburton, Dick Cheney, And The Reconstruction In Haiti

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we been to hell because of those people I hope he ready to get blame but I hope for my country sake he don't no crap downthere we been through... read more >
Kettely Dimanche, 30-Jun-10 4:27 pm
I am not surprised! This is what happen when you have no leadership to start with. When you have an entire population which doesn't care about where... read more >
Damebochie, 30-Jun-10 6:07 pm
Hello dear, I am so glad that these days most of the Haitians are concerned about Haiti's situation. I encourage you to keep reading and writing... read more >
Gauthier Saintilus, 30-Jun-10 9:54 pm
DEAR SIR/MADAM, SUBJECT :WE ARE INTERESTED TO SUPPLY MANPOWER REGULARLY TO WORK IN HAITI!! We would like to introduce ourself our company establish... read more >
Ashok Kumar, 1-Jul-10 12:32 am
HALLIBURTON-POUR LA RECONSTRUCTION-YES-OK-nos elites l'ont dient avant halliburton que haiti regorges de petrole et bien d'autres richesses ce que... read more >
Boniface Zebo Correspt De, 1-Jul-10 6:43 am
Now, for sure I believed indeed that haiti has oil. why halliburton? I thought we were poor. Where are those who wanted to give the haitian people a... read more >
David, 1-Jul-10 7:35 pm
You have nailed it right. lots of people are complaining about things done wrong by others in Haiti; but I don't see any of them flipped their... read more >
Marcy Paul, 3-Jul-10 6:37 pm
I couldn't agree more! read more >
Damebochie, 3-Jul-10 11:15 pm
Hi guys, I guess I'm not going to be popular here but the truth shall come out to protect our country, even if it is a challenging situation. I... read more >
Jean Robert, 6-Jul-10 10:28 am
Out of all people Dick Cheney. Do we as Haitians have any respect for ourselves? read more >
Gigi, 8-Jul-10 3:23 pm
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