Hi dear, I want to answer your interesting question,"is there...

Gauthier Saintilus - June 29 2010, 10:43 PM

Hi dear,

I want to answer your interesting question,"is there hope for Haiti?" Ofcourse! There is hope for Haiti!I want to confirm my answer.

This year 2010 it is a year of transition in which God decided to sweep Haiti! As a result, the quake magnitude 7.0 swept off the land most of the false leaders.

He will continue this operation untill the end of this year! God Almighty said,"Enough is enough for Haiti! He gave me a message for Haitian people.

Please, open yuour Bible and read II Chronicles7:13-15..

Haitians should repent from their evil ways, and then God will renovate the country!

As far as I am concerned, the renovaton will begin in 2011 with a new inspired Leader appointed by God Almighty! The voodoo priest will no longer lead Haiti but the Lord through a new leadership and a new ngovernment! Reply to me ASAP and I will tell you more about the New Haiti to come! Thanks

gauthiersaintilus at live.com

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