Haiti: Cheap Internet Service Within 12 Months

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Topic: Haiti: Cheap Internet Service Within 12 Months

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Yes, I am optimist. I hope Haiti will be one of the mayor country in the caraibe in ITT. read more >
Sever Durosier, 31-May-10 3:29 pm
Cheap internet must be defined. Today we have cheap internet in Haiti. They are worth dial ups. The cheap one being referred here is high quality... read more >
Raynald Delerme, 31-May-10 4:32 pm
Well, I'm using cheap internet for this e-mail. I'm sitting on a private beach using Haiti Access. $60/month. Take it anywhere and plug it in!!! But... read more >
Jacques L, 31-May-10 8:18 pm
yes we can, and that's just the beginning of greatness. W have been great in the pass, we will continue but it just a matter of time. Haiti is for... read more >
Jean Claude, 31-May-10 9:17 pm
yes I am very optimist of all that. yes we can and we will always be able to God bless haiti,and it is about time that someone believe in our well... read more >
Josette Arnoux, 1-Jun-10 12:30 am
Mwen renmen sak pwal fet la poum byen diw ayisyen teka fel se paske noupa mete tet nou ansanm kife se viettel kap fel antouka mwen di viettel mesi... read more >
Stjacques R, 1-Jun-10 6:04 am
which part on Haiti I need the internet in Port-de Paix please contact me at 954-934-2689 read more >
Jocelyne Merisier, 1-Jun-10 8:28 am
Teleco Haiti: Communists step in where capitalists fear to tread Posted By Martyn Warwick, 28 May 2010 | 0 Comments | (0) Tags: Fixed Line mobile... read more >
Will Smith, 1-Jun-10 11:33 am


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