My brother your dedication to Haiti came from your heart.You...

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My brother your dedication to Haiti came from your heart.You are genuine not a phony.

Martine, May 29 2010, 6:18 AM

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Topic: Wyclef Jean received an honorary doctorate for Haiti from WSCU

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Well deserved! Congrats Clef! Chapeau pr 3! You are our Neo Toussaint Louverture indeed. read more >
Damebochie, 28-May-10 6:15 pm
Congratulations to Wyclef Jean; You are the one who makes all Haitian People very proud. read more >
Rosemine Jean, 28-May-10 7:37 pm
Brilliant! I have only but love for you Wyclef. Keep up the great work! read more >
Miggy, 29-May-10 1:26 am
My brother your dedication to Haiti came from your heart.You are genuine not a phony. read more >
Martine, 29-May-10 6:18 am
omg, wow this is awesome i am so happy and proud of him:),. shooot, every haitian right ow should be proud when i grow up,i want to be like him read more >
Ericka, 30-May-10 2:49 pm
deja je vous dis bonjour et je suis content de vouus rencontrer just mwen se yon haitien mwen ta renmen etudier, donc avek tout probl read more >
Duval Jude, 30-May-10 10:36 pm
its a good thing to think to wycle jean.But for people who has since who really cares,whith those millions that he got and his hands,wyclef should... read more >
Boss Mueller, 31-May-10 10:10 pm
I always think he is a good Haitian, an exceptional one looking at by his talent and his heart for Haiti,but i became convinced about that when i... read more >
Eco-cell, 1-Jun-10 1:20 pm
I am very proud to be haitian when i hear one of my people so exciting in the world.I ask all haitians to leave all their old mentality to create a... read more >
Berthauny Bernard, 2-Jun-10 5:15 pm
yo soy haitiana nacida en republica dominicana soy amante a la musica de wyclef aun que no naci en haiti como el estoy orgullosa de llevar sangre... read more >
Christine, 2-Jun-10 6:03 pm
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