AMEENNNN to that. I completely agree with everything you said...

Katy Pier - May 24 2010, 9:04 PM

AMEENNNN to that. I completely agree with everything you said. I didnt know that clinton was the god mother of artistide.

Either way i still despise them and think they are a bunch of crooks.

I know that they took their honeymoon in haiti but at the end of the day he was still a former US looking out for american interests no matter how much they loved haiti.

I know alot of ppl have their opinions about aristide but I truly believe he tried to make a change, well he did more than preval's lazy ass. Artistide did build schools in haiti.

Most ppl dont know this but the very FIRST Bush came into power in 2000, when aristide wanted to take the french to the international court of justice to pay back reparations to haiti, Bush FROZE every penny of economic aid that was suppose to go to Haiti.

Even a loan that was approved by the inter american development bank was never dispersed to be given to Haiti.

They tried to tie a noose around his head to make things virtually impossible for him. Artistide will never be forgotten.

I think its faire to say that some ppl want him back. Just the other day i was watching this haitian news station about how ppl wanted preval to bring back aristide to help rebuild the country similiar to how Obama asked clinton & Bush to help with the reconstuction.

Aristide built himself a legacy and most of the ppl esp those in cite du soleil wont forget him and will continue to ask for him thats why they banded the lavalas party from elections.

At the end of the day, despite what others might say, if the lavalas party was to participate in elections, they would win majority of the vote hands down.

In regards to Duvalier, I def agree with what you said because my parents say the same thing that things are alot peaceful well at unless under papa doc anyway.

He might have been brutal but at least he kept the country together and he put alot of political support in making sure that Haiti made a name for its self when it came to soccer.

Ive always admired and respected Castro, and esp Chavez for having so much pride for their country.

Its funny cause a venezuelan got mad at me bc i said that i wished we had a chavez like leader in haiti.

Its those leaders that stand up against the US, not allowing them exploit their countries, these are the leaders that the US demonize.

All i can say is democracy is not for everyone.

I know our former presidents havent been the best and im not trying to defend them esp preval but they are other factors to. I believe that Haiti needs to have another revolution for real change.

We need to break the power of the those mafia elite families and MINUSTAH bezwan retounen nan peyi yo

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