Y'all haitian people are crazy.That's all you do talking and...

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y'all haitian people are crazy.That's all you do talking and talking and more talk.y'all never do nothing, just talking shit, what good that gonna do.Shut up and do something.Take action, if y'all just wanna talk and not doing anything shut the hell up for God's sake. while y'all talking none of you say nothing about putting our heads together to do something if the election don't go the right way.STOP TALKING AND DO SOMETHING DAMN IT.

Peggy Jean, May 23 2010, 4:47 PM

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Topic: Preval's Last May 18, He Is Leaving As Planned!

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Yea we can do it but I'm nervous at the same time. I find it interesting that he says "he will go and his heart will be calm". I know running a... read more >
Katy Pier, 20-May-10 4:45 pm
Now i can't understand that why this kind thing happen in haiti specially at this hard moment.For me we suppose wait till the time expired for his... read more >
Berthauny Bernard, 20-May-10 6:56 pm
I think the election can happen on time if the current leadership in Haiti want it to happen. We cannot continue to blame others for our problems... read more >
Rudy Etienne, 21-May-10 10:46 am
once his term is due, he should to go, they need to start either for Election or or a temporary gorvernment to organize election, or US should just... read more >
Thomas, 21-May-10 11:55 am
I think we, as haitian, have to come together to help the country. It is not the time to go out having demonstration against the governement. If we... read more >
Rev. Alex Jean-mary, 21-May-10 12:59 pm
My Brother, It seems to me that you are not that much informed about Haiti. We haitians are not blaming anyone for our problems, we are telling them... read more >
David, 21-May-10 1:46 pm
yea!!! Preval will be ok, in that case then, if he really cares for Haiti... He will of have done something for Haiti 2 terms he done not a thing... read more >
Rza, 21-May-10 3:57 pm
Even if an election is not held in November that would not be a credible reason for Preval to violate the constitution and stay past his term. Per... read more >
Ana, 22-May-10 5:27 pm
yea i fully agree with you that preval leaving will be the best for Haiti but the problem is not haitians (for the most) its the USA. clintons n the... read more >
Katy Pier, 23-May-10 1:23 pm
y'all haitian people are crazy.That's all you do talking and talking and more talk.y'all never do nothing,just talking shit,what good that gonna... read more >
Peggy Jean, 23-May-10 4:47 pm
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