Even if an election is not held in November that would not be...

Ana - May 22 2010, 5:27 PM

Even if an election is not held in November that would not be a credible reason for Preval to violate the constitution and stay past his term. Per the constitution, the head of the justice department is supposed to step in when there is a gap in succession.

This whole talk of him staying past his term is so ridiculous to me that I wonder why even bother have a constitution if all you're going to do is violate it?! That's the same thing I asked myself when Aristide was removed 1 year before his term was up. The man was elected, the constitution provides for how long he should stay, when his term is up vote in someone else that is not affiliated with his party if you think the man is that bad. Why bother have rules just to turn around and break them and for what?!!! The end doesn't even justify the means because the people is still suffering and the situation didn't improve.

If anything the situation got worst.

This whole thing makes no sense...

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