My Brother, It seems to me that you are not that much informed...

David - May 21 2010, 1:46 PM

My Brother,
It seems to me that you are not that much informed about Haiti.

We haitians are not blaming anyone for our problems, we are telling them that it's enough.

We know what they have done, they know what they have done let us just leave as is. Now it's time for them to do what they have been promised the haitian people for so long. Or else leave other country.

Venezuela wants to scratch our back now give them a chance to do it, we have done the same for them.They have acknowledged it.
You might who happened to be still in denial, need to consult history so you may see how these powers have caused Haiti'sorrows and poverty.

Go to history my friends.

Don't be so Americanized that can't see what they've been doing to our beautiful land. Haiti is a rich land, I said it, we hare a RICH nation, but they, with their dollar have transformed the land a poor entity.

But there is a God above and He is in Control.Hold on, Hold on haitians our time of despair is soon to end. Thus said The Lord! Love you all my haitians!

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