I do not have a problem with factories doing business in...

Josy - April 28 2010, 11:35 PM

I do not have a problem with factories doing business in Haiti.

We need to work hard, and improve our agriculture.

I just read an article, and it claimed that scientists discovered eating mangos can help fight cancer.

We have rice, fruits, coffee, sugar cane, and coconuts.

We need to produce them, and then build our own industries to preserve our goods.

Haitians should have plenty to eat, and at affordable prices.

The rest we should learn how to can, dry, or create other products out of them to sell overseas.

We need tourists to come to our island, and we should also make them feel safe. I remember as a child tourists jogging early in the morning in BAS PEU DE CHOSE, and they were worry-free.

You would not dare under Duvalier kidnapp, or harrass tourists.

You, your family, and even your pets would disappear forever from the planet.

I am not a Duvalier's fan, but let's face it troublemakers stayed in their places.

We have to create jobs for Haitians, so they can live comfortably and provide for their families.

I believe in fairness, and basic necessities are a must. We need vocational schools, hospitals, clinics, and medications for the citizens.

The Haitian government is responsible for the people, and should take care of them. If you make $500 a month, and build a mansion you need to prove where the money came from legally.

The civil servants in the USA are watched, and if a cop start living like a millionaire the Feds want to have a word with him/her. You cannot spend more than you make, and it would deter the crooks.

Money going out of the country should be monitored like they do in other civilized societies, and the taxation system need to be monitered very closely by several agencies.

The troublemakers who kidnap, kill, or rape I have a suggestion for those in charge.

They should be hang, shot, or castrated in public to discourage others who are even thinking about it. The investors, tourists, and locals should be able to walk the street of Haiti at anytime without fear. If you are making $1,000 (Haitian Dollars) a month how did you afford to buy a $2 million dollars (US) in Miami.

The authorities around the world should help the Haitian government track down the sudden millionaires.

They are buying homes, villas, expensive cars, or sending their children to Universities in Europe.

The poor woman who is selling fruits, and vegetables in the market cannot eat or send her children to a local public school.



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