it is good when someone can be knowledgeable.

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Mr montenegro sorry to find out that perhapes some of your decendant were haitian your frustration shows alot of anger in which you have made no sence I want you to go back calm, relax in re-read what you have wrote than tell me in your own sence of mind if you make any sence all I am reading is a mad man who is trying to make a statement where the subject criss cross the line maybe you need to be inform more about diplomatic relationship, public affairs, racism,and human rights activities affairs.

what we are claiming is due to us not that we are beggers are the dominican know better than us but they had a choice in a preference of culture that allowed them to look as if they were better than us therefor some of us look at it as if they were more oriented (again the choices were there for them) at this point what you need to ask yourself how much have the international commitee have invest in haiti since two thousand years?how long have we been asking and how much have we received.

I want you to do the same research for the dominican republic MR! as a cuban born you may not have a good relation with your president of coarse because fidell was never a socialist but a progressive dictator yet some part of the people of cuba love the regime, in others feel night mare for that country.have you ever ask yourself why or do you simply making critics only by your own view can an eye see something and give a prognostic or is it the symptom that give the doctor the diagnostic?so be careful of the things that you are trying to reflect are you a political analystic, a journalist, or a critic affairs so what ever that may be your tittle I wish you analyze your thought with a better view. by the way haiti have is own beauty haiti is a moutain land haiti have lots of resources to help it own only if they help the crawling child learn it steps every child on earth need guidance those that you mention early on such as cuba and the DRepublic were thought on how to fish, so haiti need a fisherman that can teach him how to fish so he wont bother anymore for fish is that understood?again ther is no man on earth that know more than another but however the inteligence varies by different interest and benefit(french author paul lapin)so my question is what was your point of all that you have mention?

Martine Civil, April 24 2010, 1:43 AM

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