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SORIN Emmmanuel

Sorin Emmmanuel, April 17 2010, 10:53 PM

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Topic: Helicopter Crash In Haiti - Four Dead

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I ' m totally agree with Serge it is not funny nor to take lightly. A form of a serious investigation need to be carried on that zone before others... read more >
Max Mills, 17-Apr-10 8:43 pm
SORIN Emmmanuel L read more >
Sorin Emmmanuel, 17-Apr-10 10:53 pm
I very sorry is a sad news for the Spanish country in for Haiti my prayer goes with him in the family may the good lord be with him amen in amen read more >
Sidonie, 18-Apr-10 7:50 am
It is very sad and a great loss for these soldiers' families. That is the exact reason why those disrespectful Haitians who are always continuing... read more >
Miggy, 18-Apr-10 12:04 pm
vous perdez la vie en mission d'aider les autres tu es mort fierter et ton ame es liberer mes condoleance a tout les familles de ces soldats merci read more >
Guerlens Venet, 18-Apr-10 6:53 pm
Rann sevis bay chagren. Ils sont venus nous aider,maleureusement ils y ont laisse leur peau. PAIX A LEUR AME. read more >
Jean Rene Ernest, 19-Apr-10 2:48 pm
Hey. Why you start your thread in English but continue in French? I don't understand. It's unfortunate that I am unable to reply. Sad Face. read more >
Marianna, 23-Aug-10 7:21 pm


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