OK we all knows this 4 little words bay kou bliye pote mak...

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OK we all knows this 4 little words bay kou bliye pote mak sonje i remember seen an email that was sent to me were my people (Haitians)that video was sent to me showing me to gays with a machetes and one with a camera recording the other cutting the Haitian hand one after the other and that video the Haitian man was naked end they was saying in Spanish if you moved your hand we'll cut your heard after the guy cut one hand he ask him to put the next hand an that video you can hear the Haitian man ask him to leave with one hand he said no give me the next one or i cut your heard and he cut the next one write by the elbow bough hand by the elbow after seen this video i was so upset i wanted to go to D R with couple friends now they want to be friends NO THANK YOU I DON'T CARE HOW MUCH MONEY THEY GIVE I STILL HAVE THAT VIDEO OF THAT MAN BEGGING FOR MERCY .WOODRING SAINT PREUX YOU WERE THEY ONE SENT ME THAT VIDEO U KNOW THIS ARE ENEMY FOR LIFE THEY GOT SOMETHIN INTO THEY'RE MIND

Ernst Pierre, April 15 2010, 11:45 PM

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Topic: Peace and Love between Haiti and the Dominican Republic?

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Man i don.t believe it, nou tout konnin reve dominicain se pou yo okupe haiti, as a pay back, paske nou te okupe yo. we all know they are up to... read more >
Thomas, 15-Apr-10 5:37 pm
it is a shame. we do not do anything for ourselves. except vole and we are happy. read more >
Zandolit, 15-Apr-10 7:13 pm
My family is spreading in Haiti,Dominican Republic,Costa Rica,oooooooooooooooooooo''''' read more >
Antonio M Pinchinat, 15-Apr-10 7:33 pm
OK we all knows this 4 little words bay kou bliye pote mak sonje i remember seen an email that was sent to me were my people (Haitians)that video... read more >
Ernst Pierre, 15-Apr-10 11:45 pm
dat's RIGHT tell' em... let'em know....they also hate coz we do better in skul 2.haha...and i really dont want anything... any thing like that from... read more >
Lella, 16-Apr-10 8:19 am
you don't what your talking about. read more >
Joel Dominican, 16-Apr-10 9:23 am
I wonder and are afraid what will happen when the eye of the international community will be closed at the moment the tv-cameras withdraw "When the... read more >
Herman Schurmans, 16-Apr-10 12:46 pm
I do not know what I am talking about, and neither do you fool. The French President put the President in the Dominican Republic in charge of... read more >
Josy, 16-Apr-10 5:31 pm
la republique dominicaine a une vision pour nous de nous occuper parce que nous l'avons ocuuper pendant 20 ans mais helas parce que cet vision ne... read more >
Guerlens Venet, 20-Apr-10 9:58 am
That is nice to show good intentions; but exactly what DR think they have in mind for us? They do not respect us. NO respect, no equality, and... read more >
Bernadette S., 21-Apr-10 1:43 pm
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