A Cry for Help!

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It is amazing to see what the Haitian community can acomplish when we stand united.

Ou flag has held this message for so long ."L'union fait la force" which translates in english "Together we Stand, Divided we Fall." Even to this present day, it serve us as a reminder;but we often read it, and fail to understand what it really means.

Therefore, as a nation, was never able to climb to the next to experience the true meaning of those wise words written on our flag.
At last, we are beginning to have this unity, a mutual understanding within the Haitian community.

As a result, we see sucsessful Haitians in every field, and every City in America striving for success, and are determined to attain their dream.

We see Haitians searching for Haitian businesses, for interact and support.

We understand now, when we stand together, we can have a voice and will be respected by other communities.

And yes, now we can voice our opinion and be certain, it will be heard and make a difference.

Our community for the first time are demmending respect, not because it is given to us, but because we have earned it. As a determine people, on due time, this fact will be inevitable, for we are a proud community and will stop at nothing from reaching our goals.

But, Unfortunately, the world has a different view of us, Haitian.

For no matter how much we can acomplish here in America, in a foreing land, if we can't manage our own country, we are still a faillure as a community.

We therefore are considered worthless in the sight of nations.

Inspite of our academic success, our financial and social standard, we are still Haitian and our country is stil in a deplorable condition.

As a nation, we are a total failure.

In the past we have trusted gorvernments, we have placed our hope in what we the Haitians called the God of our ancestors, "les Lois" the gods of the the vodoo religion.

In search for answers, many have turned to various other religion as well. While tremendous promisses were made by various Presidents, those we the Haitian people trusted; in return violated our trust, and deceived us. We have become like lamb taken to be slaughtered.

A people without a name, or a Country.

Haitians are scatered all over the world, in search for survival, and answers.

Because our Country is left barren, its condition is unbearable, a reproach for the world to see, shameful, and hopeless.

We have nothing to boast for even after our bycentenial anniversary of our independance.

In this moment of desperation, who can we trust?

Who is capable of restoring Haiti?

From our past experience we can testify to the fact that Haiti deplorable state is beyond man's power and ability to help. The God we trusted were the very source of our faillures.

They are from the demonic world who are only here to "kill, still, and destroy".

They are our worse enemies, no matter how they have portrayed themselves to be our angels of light.They are the master of deception, fallen angels in rebellion to the God, creator of Heaven and Earth.

Every Haitian President have trusted them for protection, and direction.

yet, they can only promess and not deliver.

Only God can answer to our needs.

Haiti is crying blood reaching our for help. In her weak state, she is making a last attempt to her children, to turn to God, the creator of Heaven and earth, and to Jesus, the one who's righteous blood was shed for the sin of all mankind.

She wants us to implore for mercy, and forgiveness; for her sins are unbearable.

I'm a voice crying to the Haitian community from everywhere in the world to surrender to God almighty, to call on Him for a total delivrance in Haiti.

a Nation which has been spiritual captivated and dominated by evil spirits for so long. We need to pray, that those demonic spirits who were given total control over Haiti as a price paid for our victory during the war of our independance; be chained, and bound forever.

May their power be made absolite.

Pray for God to give us mighty warrior Angels to help us fight this spiritual battle.

Enough blood has been shed, innocent and guily.

God is waiting for our supplication, as a nation, united, willingly turning Haiti over to Him. Let's take a leap of faith at last to the one true God.The same God who delivered the children of Israel from the bondage of the Egytians, is also able to do the same for Haiti.

He has not changed; for the Bible says "He is the same yesterday, today,and forever." It is also written, "Blessed is the nation who's God is the Lord of Host." We as a nation have NEVER totally TRUSTED GOD. We gave everyone else a chance, now let's try Jesus.

Let's make God the creator, the God of Haiti.

So we may experience the peace that he promised his children.

Then, the world can see us and wonder.

And, We too can have a testimony and stand tall; and boldly speak of our Country with pride; or uur beautiful land which was once called: "La Perle des antilles!"

Please, do not take this message for granted.

My life was interrupted many times in request to surrender to the will of God, to bring this message to Haiti and the Haitian Community.

For many years I have rebelled, and refused, not wanting to make a fool of myself.

But now I have no choice but to speak of the visions I have had on behalf of my Country, and my people.

We have chosen a national day of prayer for Haiti, let every one set this day aside to pray for a visible change in Haiti.

JULY 16, 2004.The Lord has also given me a psalm 33:12 for Haiti.

As many who can read this whole Psalm on a daily basis, would help in preparing for this great event.

May God continue to bless your effort in reaching out to the Haitian community.


Nadege Moise

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