wow GOD bless my people i konw one day haiti...cheri ap delivre

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wow GOD bless my people i konw one day haiti ...cheri ap delivre

Mounelakay, April 9 2010, 7:28 AM

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Topic: First Helicopter Made In Haiti by 3 Haitian Kids - It Can Fly!

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A small example of what can be acomplished in this country when things get right. read more >
Clnmike, 8-Apr-10 4:57 pm
Great story, truely amazing. Everybody keeps saying that Haiti is an agricultural country, may this will wake you up so you realize that Haitians... read more >
Rico, 8-Apr-10 5:14 pm
i don't know what to say,this event is beyond Barack Obama elected president,thats all i can say,it must be a perfect example for the haitians... read more >
Jonas, 8-Apr-10 7:00 pm
at Rico, why do you have to be negative? What's wrong being an agricultural country. You would die without crop coming out of the farms. Do you know... read more >
Jj, 8-Apr-10 7:31 pm
my idea is if we come together as a community and for example gather 100,000 haitians to donate $5 to the 3 young haitian men then that will give... read more >
Rene Florexil, 8-Apr-10 7:48 pm
These kids deserve a scholarship to further their education. It seems like that they can go very far. If they need assistance in seeking... read more >
Bernadette S, 8-Apr-10 10:02 pm
This is amazing that we can show the world that we can do something just as they too can. However, everybody does not have the same gifts. Some... read more >
Emmanuel Michaud, 8-Apr-10 10:09 pm
Obviously they do my friend so if you are able to help please do because in the long run we all will benefit from it> read more >
Jacquy Dieujuste, 8-Apr-10 10:55 pm
wow dis makes me tearzzz a bit....i'm so proud of my people.....Haitian all da way.. 4 eva...mwen renmen Haiti and dis is serious... read more >
Llella, 9-Apr-10 7:19 am
wow GOD bless my people i konw one day haiti....cheri ap delivre read more >
Mounelakay, 9-Apr-10 7:28 am
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