First Helicopter Made In Haiti by 3 Haitian Kids - It Can Fly!

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Topic: First Helicopter Made In Haiti by 3 Haitian Kids - It Can Fly!

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of what the haitan gourvenment is going to consited when they are heard of that news?will they consider those brothers by prepairing them an issue.o... read more >
Adner Louis, 11-Apr-10 8:06 am
good news 4 haitian people and keep do it...yes we can!!! read more >
Cadet, 12-Apr-10 12:04 am
Anyway they did a good work, i must say them Congratulation, but they should invent something new that people never heard before....everyboby knows... read more >
Patricio, 12-Apr-10 10:49 am
wow,c'est impressionant! il faut qu'ils trouvent l'appui du gouvernement haitien et de vrai patrimoine nationale qui aime vraiment leur haiti ch read more >
Alcime Lineda, 12-Apr-10 7:50 pm
Wow, C'est impressionant! Il Faut qu'ils trouvent l'Appui du Gouvernement Ha read more >
Alcime Lineda, 12-Apr-10 7:56 pm
It is not that they invented aviation or something. Anybody can buy a helicopter kit that includes 38 different parts with instructions on how to... read more >
Boubi, 13-Apr-10 12:23 am
Looks like April fool to me. The pictures of the same copter look different. Look at the glass windows. Helicopter technology is very old. They also... read more >
Boubi, 13-Apr-10 1:10 am
as a lad, I learned to fly a plane before I could drive a car. SO proud of these young men, and THEY will bring honor upon themselves, their country... read more >
Dennis Jacobsen, 15-Apr-10 2:00 am
This is a great history.We have a lot of other histories that have never been shared.Except when something bad happens,everyone is happy to talk... read more >
Frantz G. Saint Louis., 15-Apr-10 7:54 am
I think there is a big misunderstanding. He didn't say you have to give up farming. Yes, agriculture is needed, but that does not mean you have to... read more >
Joe, 15-Apr-10 10:49 am
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