Thanks woody, This does makes sense. To be able to live the...

Miggy - March 28 2010, 8:16 AM

thanks woody,

This does makes sense.

To be able to live the kind of life so peaceful in America like this that is so different from our native country takes a lot of sacrifice from the men and women in America.

Even though that I hate wars, but at the same time. I find it very hard to criticized the soldiers who chose to go to wars.
I realized to maintain something great you have to fight, because there will always be other people who will try to take it away from you. This situation is no different from a great marriage that you have-to work at this watch out for outsiders who may try to invade it. The beautiful kids that you have-watch out for child predators out there.

The beautiful home that you own-at least installed a reliable HOME SECURITY SERVICE IN IT. At last, your bank account and credit cards.

Always monitor your spending and read your statements.

You'll be surprise how some of these companies would charge so many unfair fees thinking that you will never spot them out. To leave the good life means that you must be at wars at all time. lol....

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