Wyclef Wife Finds Nude Photo of Lisa Wells On His Cell

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Topic: Wyclef Wife Finds Nude Photo of Lisa Wells On His Cell

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don,t be rude.God does whatever he wants,when he wants,and with who he wants.don,t even go there about she can,t have kids.it,s not a reason for a... read more >
Morette Thelusma, 8-Mar-10 4:50 pm
that comment is stinks, I can't believe somebody would ever post something like this. come on people this is 21 first century, it's time for we stop... read more >
Dieuseul, 18-Mar-10 9:04 pm
please people you'll see what happen to tiger wood please i know in united state a soon a celebrity have money they go to any means any problem any... read more >
Bloobloo, 29-Apr-10 12:35 am
no matter what people say about wyclef jean,we as haitian always going to love him.let's see the positive side of him,what he has done for haiti... read more >
Soso, 12-May-10 12:02 pm
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Replica Scarf, 10-Sep-10 10:58 pm
Plaese president wiclef ilek yo opinion for the president haiti so todo now Ineeds,for my kids,now mony to the school cotak 954-5342210 you are the... read more >
Wisnel Casimir, 2-Oct-10 9:41 am
Life won't tell you.when is gonna switch on you. read more >
Roody Geffrard, 25-Jul-18 11:56 am
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