More than $774 Million Raised for Haiti

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Topic: More than $774 Million Raised for Haiti

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Amen my brother, I felt the same way so much so that I will be going to Haiti next month to help. May our God help the Haitian people! read more >
Frantz Philippi, 24-Feb-10 10:12 am
a village for haiti. 1,000 houses, a school, a chapel, a civic center, a health care facility and the infrastructure to support the village will be... read more >
Paul Porter, 24-Feb-10 11:54 am
You can donate money to Sister Claire Gagne, and Sister Donna Belizaire. They have been in Haiti for years, and gave their lives to our country. We... read more >
Josy, 24-Feb-10 6:41 pm
Now i see how much money they raise for Haiti are you sure this money go straight to haiti? For me i am pessimism fo this money ok read more >
Berthauny Bernard, 24-Feb-10 7:46 pm
I simply wnat to say: thank you for openning my eyes with those beautiful words. From now on, I will regularly send some money to one of those... read more >
Haitien, 24-Feb-10 9:49 pm
Josy, How can I find out more info about Sister Claire Gagne and Sister Donna Belizaire and others on Haitian grounds. I want to organize... read more >
Serge, 25-Feb-10 11:50 am
I just came from Haiti Tuesday night attending my mother's funerals who died after the earthquake from pneumonia. What l have constated with my own... read more >
Raynald David, 25-Feb-10 3:30 pm
You probably need to contact your Catholic Archdiocese to locate them in Haiti. I will continue to ask around in my community, and will send you an... read more >
Josy, 25-Feb-10 10:57 pm our project has taken on a life, almost, of its own. what initially was an idea of 100 houses now is a village that will be as... read more >
Paul Porter, 10-Mar-10 2:18 pm


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