Make lot of sense. this guy only thinks small and poor. Henry...

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make lot of sense.

this guy only thinks small and poor.
Henry Christophe was a man of grandeur, vision and WOW.
I remember he promised the people food and water.

I posted and said why doesn't promise the education, apartments, gymnasiums and other basics that could elevate them.
Preval, think big, think good and think of the impossible.

Preval, make people say wow, I dare you. Henry Christophe did and he even said that he will build his country greater than his master's. He built schools, and said that he will build a nation of big. Even now people go to Haiti for his WOW and they still say WOW.
So Preval I dare you to stop thinking small?

The bible itself said that men don't live only for food but wisdom and grandeur.

With grandeur, one can expect big from his youths.

With Rene Preval, Aristid, Duvalier, Namphy and other small people like him, Haiti will always be what it was, the poorest nation in the world and he was proud of it too.
I Bet you, Dessaline, Petion, Christophe and the others great people are ripping and wish that we were left slaves at the heel of the Frenchmen with no future at least Haitians wouldn't tell the world that they sold themselves to the devil to set us free. I said that because there was a Haitian man on TBN telling that story and defending Pat Robertson.

I have a video of Haiti in the 40, that was WOW....

Garry Destin, February 20 2010, 8:47 PM

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Topic: Haiti Tent City Design, How Will They Be Set Up?

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Rene Preval a toujours des solutions a la mesure de sa reflexion. C'est peut-etre une bonne solution pour lui. Mais, il voit juste a la pointe de... read more >
Ren, 20-Feb-10 3:38 pm
Yes, we have addressed the drainage issue with the tent Cities. We are currently in design of one of the first locations for approx. 10,000... read more >
Bill Vastine, 20-Feb-10 4:36 pm
I am certain that all the involved Haitian Engineers, including those foreign specialits already in Haiti, will design safe and sound "tent-cities... read more >
Chevalier, 20-Feb-10 6:28 pm
MMMM Big things always happen when small paople are dying. Preval, Preval can you imagine how deep and silly that is living in a tent in Haiti. For... read more >
Atchy, 20-Feb-10 7:08 pm
Bonnes ou mauvaises relations: read more >
Sorin, 20-Feb-10 8:47 pm
make lot of sense. this guy only thinks small and poor. Henry Christophe was a man of grandeur, vision and WOW. I remember he promised the people... read more >
Garry Destin, 20-Feb-10 8:47 pm
I am 100% agree with Rene Long and Atchy. At this moment we do not need a short term solution. This is the ideal moment for all our engineers to... read more >
Max Mills, 20-Feb-10 9:50 pm
Building tenements in Haiti is a nice idea, but you would have to educate the people. We will have to train them in apartment living, because they... read more >
Josy, 20-Feb-10 10:44 pm
Youseline Pierre Simon, 21-Feb-10 1:06 am
I think that for the next 6 months the gouvernment should lease or buy some mobile home for each family that have been touch by the disaster. Turenne read more >
Jean-francois Turenne, 21-Feb-10 11:01 am
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