Haiti Calling Card

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Topic: Haiti Calling Card

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Can I have the number to call. I have 305 474 1839 and ot says that the number is no longer in service. Can somebody help me? read more >
Micha, 10-Dec-10 11:31 pm
i'd like to know where in southwest miami they sell voila calling card. my zip code is 33157 read more >
Jacques, 26-May-11 7:38 am
that s a ripoff!!!! i been using this card for month it was fine or great 25 minutes for a single call. But recently it just drop to 6 mns. PA... read more >
Tijean Petro, 15-Jun-11 8:41 am
kat sa apa vreman bon siw esayer rele ayiti call la ta drop aussitot ou ta rele digicel pouw pale sak passe yap diw yo pa ka fe anyen pou wou read more >
Tolalito, 7-Feb-15 11:48 am


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