A case for Reparation! You know I have forgiven slavery. I can...

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A case for Reparation!

You know I have forgiven slavery.

I can even almost justify it by saying that it was an evil institution that was in place at the time, and everyone who could participate in it, did! So let's forgive and move on. After all, we are the victors! However, what I can't overlook is the fact that we had to pay for freedom, after such inhumane abuse.

That's like adding insult to injury.

I think I'm more upset about the money we paid for independence, than I am about the actual slavery.

To ask that France return the $21 billion is not an affront on France.

Besides the fact that we now desperately need the money, it is a step in reclaiming our human dignity that freedom entails; and no one should ever have to pay for that. It is not a matter of disliking the French at all! This is not about emotions.

This is about defending the right to one's most basic and natural human right.

The right to freedom should never have to be bought or negotiated! It belongs to every human being from the moment you come into this world.

When the French made us pay for that, they essentially stole that from us. It is a crime against our humanity, which should be rectified.

I like president Sarkozy and his compassion in wanting to help Haitians with the debt cancellation and additional funds.

After all, he wasn't the one who was personally responsible for the arrogant decision to extort Haitians.

However, he represents France and what his forefathers did. So he must do the right thing and negotiate the terms to repay the $21 billion, and right that wrong.

This should not be something on which Haitians relent.

We stand on the right side of history and humanity on this issue, and I believe that we should pursue it with diplomacy.

Carline Verrier, February 17 2010, 1:43 PM

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A case for Reparation! You know I have forgiven slavery. I can even almost justify it by saying that it was an evil institution that was in place at... read more >
Carline Verrier, 17-Feb-10 1:43 pm
Indeed this a historical visit. I am just wondering what Toussaint Louverture, Dessalines, Christophe, Our Heroes of the independance, are thinking... read more >
Vava, 17-Feb-10 2:04 pm
This to show it take 250K dead, 300K injured, 2 million homeless and worsening conditions to what already existed in the poorest nation of the... read more >
Serge, 17-Feb-10 2:47 pm
It is a nice gesture and symbolic in nature. I hope this visit bears fruit and not just for photo op. Haiti needs more than a visit from the french... read more >
Sonip, 17-Feb-10 3:36 pm
prezans Sarkozy pa nesese haiti,se lajan francais te fe nou peye pou yo rekonet indepandans nou a pou li remet,olye li pile terre sacre nou an. read more >
Pierre Richard, 17-Feb-10 4:23 pm
If he is not coming with the billions of dollars his nation stole from us he needs to get the hell out. read more >
Clnmike, 17-Feb-10 4:34 pm
What a genius you are my friend, that would be exactly my comments, i don't think we sould confuse herself between the past and our future as we are... read more >
Thomas Valcin, 17-Feb-10 6:04 pm
Ithink it is a good thing, i think we need try to coorporate now, we are not in position to push someone like President Sarkozy VISIT in Haiti,we... read more >
Thomas Valcin, 17-Feb-10 6:21 pm
As one always says half of the truth has not been told.You are right to say we need to pursue this type of negations with diplomacy.Well my dear... read more >
Max Mills, 17-Feb-10 10:13 pm
"The Haiti of our forefathers is dead.". The proof is in the pudding. I only wish my Dad was alive to witness what is going on in present Haitian... read more >
Patrick Guy Woolley, 18-Feb-10 2:37 am
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