Mesanmi, se mwen ki "webmaster" pou sit sa-a...

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mesanmi, se mwen ki "webmaster" pou sit sa-a (

Si-m ta fe you bagay ke nou pa renmem, tanpri souple, fe-m konnen, pa ale nan you lot sit epi di sa-m fe a pa bon san nou pa di-m sa.

mwen kwe si ou te eseye kontakte met sit la, li ta di-w ke "The Purpose of is to connect Haitian People, no matter who they are or what they are".

Se pa pran m-ap pran pou li non...

men mwen te gen chans pale avek li nan konvansyon "New Jersey Haitian Student Association" nan mwa davril 2004 la.

Mwe pap jan-m efase komante nou fe sou sit mwen an - sof si nou di betiz.

men fwa sa-a, fok wmen oblije repon pou li paske se yon webmaster parey mwen li ye.

We may not have the same directive but we all have the same purpose.

whether it's Fouye!, Sakapfet, HaitianConnection, or any other site. please give us credit for going out of our way to promote Haitian Culture in this new mediun called "The Haitian Internet"

No Hard Feelings!

Woodring Saint Preux

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