Young Haitians Of America

We all must come together and take OUR country out of the dark. As you know it can not be done with one person alone, We need soldiers to fight this long lasting war. I am the President of an upcoming organization called Young Haitians of America, We plan to help build and be a part of a new Haiti.

Please contact me via E-mail for more information...let us help build A heart in our BEAUTIFUL motherland of HAITI.

Young Haitians of America
April 13, 2004
Young Haitians of America
614 High Street
Seaford, DE 19973
Subject: Organization in Progress

The Young Haitians of America is an upcoming organization that looks to gather and unite the hearts and minds of Haitians worldwide to give a helping hand in the cultivation of Haiti.

We hope that we can create and implement projects to boost areas in education, agriculture, economics, and social problems in our beloved country.

With the current events that are now taking place in Haiti, and the addition of the country's 200-year celebration of independence.

We as young citizens and descendants of Haiti are outraged...

this is not only because of the "revolution" but the very condition of our country.

It is time for a change to return all that we have stood for to our and act with diligence, strength, courage, and dignity.

Many workers in Haiti are farmers.

Most are descendants of Africans who were brought to the island to work as slaves on plantations.

These slaves, our ancestors, fought and gained our independence against one of the strongest armies in that era. What does that say about us...

It is our belief that with knowledge and a dream, we can overcome any barriers.

We are willing to fight until the end!
We are open to suggestions, thoughts, and ideas that may assist with the progression of this organization.

Please be advised that we are in progress of setting up an website with the issues and updates on future events.

Please feel free to contact us (302) 344 -1026, between the hours of 9am and 11:30 pm.
Luckson Alexis Luckson20 [at] or luckson20 [at]
Vice President:
Joanell Legros,
Treasurer: Mildred Geffrard
Natacha Barret

Young Haitians of America for Young Haitians of Haiti"

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