Woodring, This is an excellent idea - An idea that will...

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This is an excellent idea - An idea that will require a lot of planning in order to be activated properly.

That implementation may require the cooperation of different local agencies.

For instance, One agency for the distribution of money, one central administration or umbrella administration and local administration agencies but all should be tied together for accountability both in terms of quality service and financial accountability.

In terms of the kids abroad, I believe tight security and record keeping should be an absolute MUST. Generally, I do not believe that people who want to adopt these kids have bad intentions.

But there is always that very few..., then we proceed with cautions.

So far the general profile who what to adopt are people with some means who can give some of our kids the best very best in terms of education and possibly better access to mental health care that these kids may require (because of the quake).

I do not believe it is fair to deprive them of that opportunity.

These adopted kids may come back to their native land with new ideas, new angles to contribute to a better Haiti.

Remember these people were with us and are still with us during a very painful time in our historical lives: they must at this point give some kind of trust.

They have earned it!!(ce nan male ou konin ki moune ki zanmi ou) These adoptive parents can only take so much - they could not or would take all of our kids. We just have to make sure that those kids go to the parents that are more suited for them and vice versa.

What do you think?

Bernadette, February 3 2010, 3:09 PM

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Woodring, This is an excellent idea - An idea that will require a lot of planning in order to be activated properly. That implementation may require... read more >
Bernadette, 3-Feb-10 3:09 pm
Hi,Woodring How are you? to be honest with you,I discussed that subject with one of my cousin last week. I said to him,"Do you really think those... read more >
Roby, 3-Feb-10 3:26 pm
I LIKE HOW Tatiana start,that a good idea,if we really care for our little brothers and sisters of Haiti we can do it.Let see together how we can... read more >
Andy, 3-Feb-10 4:35 pm
I would not mind taking 1 or 2 kids but I don't know how read more >
Paule, 3-Feb-10 9:36 pm
I want a girl, but I do not have $45,000.00 to adopt child. I am willing to take an older girl, but it takes years. If you are a social worker, and... read more >
Josy, 3-Feb-10 11:43 pm
Like u said n the article I think the haitian community should come together and find away to take care of those beautiful children's our government... read more >
Mr Charles, 4-Feb-10 2:30 am
HI friends, as I have been reading all the comment, I don't find any way to complain, the only I 'll say: let's start a HOF NOW NOW,PA GADE SOU... read more >
Wilnor Jean, 4-Feb-10 5:30 am
Jean Claude, 4-Feb-10 9:21 am
so the answer is easier to reply, so we have to put ourselve together and work with a spirit patriotic. read more >
Valcin, 4-Feb-10 9:48 am
Hi My friend Woodring I thank God for you. It bothers me a lot when I see my haitian children with these adoptive parents. I wish I had the means to... read more >
Yvette Duverge, 4-Feb-10 10:17 am
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