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I was not attacking Mr. Anderson Cooper, and I do not know the man. I just wanted to let you know that he is a reporter, and is doing his job. I asked whether or not he was previously involved in any charity work in Haiti before the earthquake, since he came from a very wealthy family.

He is not the white savior who came to same Haiti, and is making a name for himself.

You need to read the comment, and if you do not understand it ask someone else to interpret for you. You are attacking without responding to the questions I asked in my reply, and the mentality that the white man is there to save you has destroyed us. I am not saying that Mr. Cooper does not have some empathy for Haitians, but he is not there for free. I personally felt that I have been standing naked in front of the world for the past two weeks, and feel sorry for anybody who do not feel the same after watching the news. My country in 2010 does not own ambulances, fire department, or even an helicopter.

If Mr. Cooper was involved in charity work before, and have been going to Haiti as a volunteer I appreciate it very much. I just do not like the fact that we are so naive that we think he is there just because he loves us so much, and want to save us. Unless you can answer my questions regarding his previous involvements in helping the poor in Haiti put a dirty sock in it, and I am not jealous of anybody.

I am happy with who I am, and where I am. Do not disrespect me for my opinion, because I am Black like you. You will lick the white men ...after he slapped you. We need to change our mentality, and no amount of money will save us until we change our thinking.

You should listen, and pay attention.


Josy, January 25 2010, 6:16 PM

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