The devils in human suits

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Pat Robertson and many others are the devil advocate in real term.
First of all how would the devil free you from evil?

Between a slave and a slave owner which one was the devil?

The ones always so quick to call others evil is the devil...

Faith is to be respected if you are a person of God. Through you one should see wisdom instead cynicism, disdain and division.

One who accuses others of worshiping other gods and at the same time worshiping images and pieces of wood (cross) that represent God and Jesus is worshiping God?

Read Psalm 91..

The cross is not even true but many are so blind they don't even know or do they even want to know?

So busy pointing fingers.

What happened in Haiti is a natural tragedy but the big lost of life is a Haitian government's; fault bunch of low lives.

Of course after you free yourself from the devil with all his power he made your life hell and turned you into a laughing stock till you doubt God existence in you. You blamed yourselves and you brothers and say well it is because of them we are like that...

In every religion you find good and evil but the devil but the one that always tells you he is good and you evil is the devil.

He doesn't have the power to see through himself.

Only animals are pure, they don't and can't sin and that is why God find you intriguing.

that is why he loves you. So those who think they are pure, they are in fact filthy in the eyes of God. God will not stand them around him, because they remind him of Satan.

Too good for his brothers and too clean to kneel before God...

So if you are Christian, if you even know where the word is from and what it means, you will control your thoughts, your tongue and you behavior.

God never forsaken Haiti because of their faith, the devil was running Haiti; if you know what I mean.
So Christians, before you kneel tonight to pray be careful whom you are praying to...cause most of you are worshiping the devil but you are so blind and ignorant you can't even see it.

G Destin, January 19 2010, 10:27 PM

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