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For the first time in California, I heard a Haitian radio in Riverside Ca. It was a pleasant suprise.

Apparently they have been around for a year and struggling to stay on. It is wonderfull, I have been in California for the past 18 years and was not aware we had a Haitian community.

I was amazed of many Haitian realtors, one restaurant, lawyers and doctors are in Cali...I have already sent my donation to the radio, because the hosts are paying for the hour themselves to keep the community together...AT 7PM AM1670 IN SOUTHERN CALIFORIA.

My sister leaves in San Francisco she could hear the radio.

I think these people deserve a big Thank you. I am not sure of the names of the hosts nor the owner but the radio is called Caribbean Magazine..Keep up the good work Caribbean Magazine...Your new listener Marie

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Hey! would I be able to hear it in Sacramento, CA. I just moved here about 6 months ago and was wondering if there was a haitian in this area. read more >
Jimmie, 9-Mar-10 5:00 pm


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