This is a stupid thing never heard & i think this guy need to...

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this is a stupid thing never heard & i think this guy need to see a docter he's crazyyyyyy

Vanite, January 15 2010, 12:31 PM

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Topic: Cuba Opens Their Air Space For US-Haiti Rescue Flights

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I am so grateful.Thanks to the world for open their hearts, their ressources, and their wallets to Haiti. May God bles all of you out there. You... read more >
Tatiana, 15-Jan-10 12:07 pm
this is a stupid thing never heard & i think this guy need to see a docter he's crazyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!! read more >
Vanite, 15-Jan-10 12:31 pm
I was surprised when I see that Haiti isn read more >
Rubens Pierre, 15-Jan-10 12:39 pm
I have no word to say THANKS to the international comunity for your support toward Haiti,that s really make me feel that we as haitian peopleafter... read more >
Kerlando Jerome, 15-Jan-10 1:04 pm
What the heck are you talking about????? Come on now! read more >
Kathia, 15-Jan-10 1:06 pm
I am so Happy to thank everyone who helps My country.I feel how much you care about the earthquakeGod will bless you all for your supports. Loverman read more >
Special Thanks, 15-Jan-10 2:37 pm
To all the people around the world,I would like to thank all of you for taking the time to care for my beloved HAITI. Until now, I did not realize... read more >
Negbelair, 15-Jan-10 5:46 pm
Hang in there, Im in Alabama and I just gave $250 to the Red Cross anonymously. Help is coming, Im so sorry for your losses. Glenn read more >
Glenn D, 15-Jan-10 11:10 pm
Thank you so much Mr Castro! You proove that human life is much more important than any other interests. MAY GOD GIVE YOU MORE WISDOM TO LEAD THE... read more >
Isaac Michel, 15-Jan-10 11:12 pm
Thank, God and thank you Castro Why don't you leave it open for all time? The world is coming at its end That's a time for us to be united!!! read more >
Jamhson B., 15-Jan-10 11:39 pm
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