When are going to allow all Haitian in the process

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I agree with most of you who think that it is time to move on. However It is my belief that as Haitian we all need to understand that Haiti does not belong to one group or anyone in particular.

Haiti is for all of us who are native born or related to Haiti.

Like some of you, I thought that Haiti need a change also but so far it seem like something never change.

Under the lavalas group Haiti was operate only by Lavalas people and no other and they all felt that Haiti only belong to them not every Haitian.

Under the Duvalier or the Macoute it was the same thing.

Right now it seem that Mr. Latortue seem to be doing the same only get people who one time was an associate of the same Lesli Manigat's regime with him. It is very shamefull for him to be asking for peace while going to Gonaive and Praise those who committed murder at one time and seem to be calling them freedom fighter.

It is my wish that we all can stop those act of vengence and move one to look behond these events.

Haiti is ours and we need to work in making it better.

In other to do that we must all understand that we are brothers and sisters and forgiveness for the wrong doing must be our priority.

Mr. Latortue if any affiliate of your happen to read this e-mail, lets leave the story of Lavalas or Macoute behind and allowed Haiti to flourish as it should by all of its citizen.

Again I mean all of its citizen, the poor, the rich, the lighter skin, the darker skin, the educated and the not-educated.

Let all of us participate in the process, it can only help our future.

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