Well Said

I could not say it clearly than you did. You have brought a great analysis in the current Haitian and Black community as well. Actually, we don't read. We think we know everything by being arrogant, self-fish, and ready to discriminate against one another.

I knew about the power of books.

Knowledge are inserted in books, and nowhere.

You have to read to get the information out. Also, it depends on what you are reading...It's another important aspect.

However, we are not in that stage yet. We have to start reading.

The lack in education by Haitian community leaders really doesn't help the community.

They have their own agenda which is most of time hidden.

Reading helps me understand many aspects in life. I could recall in Haiti how hard was it to get a library card....If you were lucky enough to get one, you would also have to deal with the out-dated books collections.

I know Haitians in Haiti read, but the diaspora ones don't. We are more concerned about getting the " Money", while we failed to know that the perfect way and efficient way to grab the money is trough education, integrity, and excellence.

Yep, I agree.

We don't read.

People like you will definitely make an impact as bringing up this type of subject.



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