The infrastructure needs to be rebuilt in Haiti

Cornelia East - December 25 2009, 10:37 PM

I am in Haiti for the first time. I do not believe that donations will do any good here. The infrastructure needs to be rebuilt and giving money to the government to build it is like throwing it away. As was explained to me today by a Hatian friend, if there is $100 allocated for roads, by the time the money passees through the hands of government officials, there is only $10 left and $10 doesn't buy much road building.

There needs to be attitude change on the part of Haitians and those here and those who have moved away have to ultimately take responsibility for change.

Why not Sunday after services can't evey person between 8 years of age and 40 go out on the road and fll plastic bags that get donated and collect the garbage that will not ever deteriorate?

There are many simple things that can be done to allow people to take pride in their country.

Education, education, education...but don't give grants for it, bring in architects from Architecture for Humanity to build schools and school furniture with Haitians and then have Hatian teachers and volunteer teachers from around the world teach teachers.

Let's get this place moving but it must be done without giving money to the government.

That hasn't worked before (anywhere) and it won't work here.

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