Why are people who go to Haiti so attached to her?

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Topic: Why are people who go to Haiti so attached to her?

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you are so true brother i was in Jamaica and always have that desire to go to Haiti just because something was missing now i am in New York i feel... read more >
Jean Claude, 21-Dec-09 11:00 am
I do agree with everything u said i came to America when i was 13 now im 19....theres somethin about Haiti...i was talking to my best friend hes... read more >
Darline, 21-Dec-09 2:50 pm
What do you want me to do,sir? I cannot go back because i am not the one who put me in the Bahamas. And i am not the kind of people,u don't know... read more >
Batheline, 21-Dec-09 8:44 pm
Woodring, You are right! Many feel the same way you do. God bless you, Until Heaven descends, we will appreciate what we have now..... Bishop J... read more >
Jean Gerard Rhau, 21-Dec-09 11:14 pm
that very nice my self same way to the spirit is there you exacle speak the truth my question why haiti have to be in citiation we are now? do you... read more >
Tousner Alexandre, 23-Dec-09 8:13 am
You are so right, Haiti staying in my life a secret of heat, I allways say on all my page, Haiti is special for me, because I love my country haiti... read more >
Thony S Jean-baptiste, 24-Dec-09 1:15 am
Woody, I agree withyou, like i laways say there is no place like home, i miss her a lot when ispend 3-6 months away from her, but i agree it is not... read more >
Thomas Valcin, 29-Dec-09 9:17 am
hey my name is reginald saint preux but i spell it st.preux but umm i was going to say that you have a good point haiti is the lland of good sprit... read more >
Reginald, 15-Oct-10 2:06 pm
my name reginald st.preux? follow ehh at reggie222 or facebook stpreuxrreggie at yahoo.com, damn i thought i was the only one on earth, o well read more >
Reginald, 24-Jan-12 10:29 am
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