Haiti Vs. Louisiana - The Battle Over Beyonce!

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Topic: Haiti Vs. Louisiana - The Battle Over Beyonce!

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Bro I think you're thinking of the city of Chicago, as in Chicago Illinios! read more >
Gonzales, 8-Dec-09 10:02 pm
Man all I have to say is this: Haiti ain't never been one(as a people/country) to claim nothing that did not belong to her or which she did not earn... read more >
Gonzales, 8-Dec-09 10:14 pm
Imma Be nice! Does anybody look at the picture real close first of all woody I think it's offensive to the women who take the time to read your... read more >
Carolyn., 13-Dec-09 12:36 pm
if you are trying to insult haitians well let me tell you something haitians might bleach there skin but they have class and respect and too me your... read more >
Diamond Williams, 30-Dec-09 4:01 pm
I reconized Beyonce's Name and her sisters name solange as being French names a while ago, but also I do Know that there are Creoles People in... read more >
Tim, 3-Jan-10 3:43 am
In Re: to "Though they have a distinct culture, "Les Gens Oublie" came from the island we now call Haiti (fleeing the war, before Haiti gained its... read more >
Cliford, 4-Jan-10 6:36 pm
The only thing I would say to the poster re: "Like you, my Louisiana Creole friend, we're looking for role models too, and I am trying to link... read more >
Cliford, 4-Jan-10 6:43 pm
your claim is false. Louisiana creoles have been in Louisiana for about 100 or more years prior to the Haitian revolution. French and Spanish people... read more >
Marie, 24-Jan-10 10:41 am
Actually your wrong if you forgot Haitians were originally Africans brought over to Haiti to be slaves so the Haitian culture originally stems from... read more >
Lisa, 21-Feb-10 2:37 am
You sound like an intelligent woman these people are so ignorant to make a statement like anyone from Louisiana is of Haitian descent because it's... read more >
Maggie, 21-Feb-10 2:46 am
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