New Haitian CEO of Chrysler Dodge

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Topic: New Haitian CEO of Chrysler Dodge

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This is a mile stone for Haitian success abroad. It proves that we are late bloomers, but we stand to make our culture a success among others. read more >
T. Laguerre, 23-Nov-09 1:30 pm
I am extremely proud of CEO Ralph Gilles to whom I wish nothing but the very best. He has just proved it that no condition is permanent in this... read more >
Harry M. Toussaint, 24-Nov-09 12:37 pm
Kudoz and congratulations to brother Gilles. Just keep moving forward!! read more >
Indy, 10-Dec-09 9:47 am
Hi I am a Haitian American with a phD in Nuclear engineering, I am retired from one of the best institutions in the US. I have an idea for a model... read more >
Gardy Cadet, 1-Sep-16 12:13 pm
This man is not a Haitian, but an American. Haitians are those who were born on Haitian soil and sing the Haitian national anthem and feel it. read more >
Del Rio, 4-Sep-16 7:27 am
This is what you get when the administration in your country is encouraging Haitians to leave Haiti! He is Born in New York both parents are... read more >
Alvin Smith, 4-Sep-16 2:30 pm
Looking forward to having Ralph Gilles on HDM front cover page before end of year read more >
Leslie, 18-Apr-18 10:38 pm


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