Video: Beyonce speaking Haitian Creole, Sak Pase?

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Topic: Video: Beyonce speaking Haitian Creole, Sak Pase?

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Where do you think Louisiana Creole got their culture and the Creole language? it is from Haiti...During the revolt in 1804 there were some Haitians... read more >
Geneva, 10-Nov-09 9:52 pm
i'm glad i hear beyonce speaking creole,anyway beyonce creole is a goog=d language just continue to practie it.i'm haitian too i love my creole not... read more >
Christelle, 11-Nov-09 8:04 am
so was Louisianna colonised by Haiti,then? Oooohh,I comes that their creole is different from the one spoken in Haiti,then? I have been to... read more >
Kimbo Slice, 11-Nov-09 10:52 am
she's not hatienne, lets get a hold of Ourselves read more >
Carolyn., 13-Nov-09 11:14 pm
What difference does it make? Being Haitian is something that one develops by being involved in the Haitian culture. Back in the 18th century, it... read more >
Mac, 6-May-10 10:45 pm
very good! to come back to Beyonce's roots, she has roots from different background : Spanish, black louisiana, white French and even Ameridian... read more >
Kimbo, 7-May-10 1:27 am
As i'm concern about my Haiti. After an Heavy natural disaster It's become back dated. And bearing unmeasurable sufferings. Still now it's facing... read more >
Haiti Pride, 26-Oct-10 1:07 pm
I am not sure who you are or the extent of your education; however I must say that Haitian people do not need to have any claim on Beyonce. Our... read more >
M.p., 6-Jan-12 9:44 pm
Kimbo, I was under the impression that you were an educated person; however, based on the word that you just used, I would say not. You may be the... read more >
Mp, 6-Jan-12 10:07 pm
A big bravo to M.P. You say it all. I don't know why some Haitian claiming Beyonce. Beyonce can't even speaks proper English and if it wasn't for... read more >
Proud To Be Haitian, 15-Mar-15 7:12 am
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