Helloooooooo sister how are you doing, i'm feel...

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helloooooooo sister how are you doing, i'm feel greatttttttttttttttttttttto read that because we from the big country, but every country have some problemes the poorest country in the hemisphere make me personaly sick en my
stomac.we know that day coming soon.god have mercy! hypocrit yo ap sezy, stay
together and have more compation for each other peace.

Ti Chouchou, May 27 2009, 10:12 AM

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Topic: The poorest Country in the Western Hemisphere is Nicaragua, not Haiti

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former President Bill Clinton has been nominated special envoy to Haiti. You know what that means, Haiti is on the brink of coming out of its... read more >
Negbelair, 19-May-09 9:38 am
Now you know people are not going to ride Nicaragua the way they been riding Haiti about being the poorest country in the western hemisphere. For a... read more >
Fanm Vanyan, 19-May-09 10:01 am
It's a good point to see that we can go forward but we can't be satisfied because we're still on the bottom line. Haiti's a piece of land where... read more >
Francklin, 19-May-09 4:24 pm
I am very happy about this news,I think our leader gonna work harder to leap forward. We have to be back the pearl of the indies read more >
Rodler, 19-May-09 4:28 pm
i m very glad reading that! si se vre, m kontan anpil! estoy muy feliz de leer esto, pero, tenemos mucho que hacer para mejorar nestra imagen al... read more >
Bell, 20-May-09 5:55 am
Now, That's what talking about. Alright Haiti, Do your thing!!! Ayiti cheri'm nan prale devan e'l pa'p retounen. HOPEFULLY NOT!!! read more >
Sandra, 20-May-09 10:40 am
thank you so much for sharing this valuable information. I truly appreciate it. read more >
Mireille, 20-May-09 6:15 pm
helloooooooo sister how are you doing,i'm feel greatttttttttttttttttttttto read that because we from the big country,but every country have some... read more >
Ti Chouchou, 27-May-09 10:12 am
I omitted to mention the most important thing in regards to an interest to support Haiti By writing to the White House..you must absolutel must... read more >
Maggy, 1-Jun-09 1:18 am
This is if you agree with me & want to take action! It's easy do it! Could you imagine if the White House would be aware of our Haitian specific... read more >
Maggy, 1-Jun-09 1:21 am
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